HVAC Maintenance Services in Kansas City, Missouri

You don’t usually think about your HVAC system; it just happily runs in the background, keeping you comfortable throughout the year. But without the proper maintenance, it can stop working unexpectedly, and usually at the worst possible moment!

Scheduling regular system maintenance will keep all components working smoothly and at full capacity, which will help you save on your energy bill. It also lets us catch and resolve potential problems before they become expensive repairs, which helps prolong the life of your system.

Let us take care of all your system’s maintenance needs so that you do not have to add even more items to your to-do list. We provide service throughout the year, rain, shine, snow or sun.

Maintenance Services We Offer

We will provide simple maintenance tasks, such as replacing filters and removing debris and dirt from in and around your unit.

We also provide larger tune-up tasks, like making sure the thermostat is calibrated correctly, that all electrical connections are tight and secure, lubricating all moving parts, inspecting the condensate drain and all system controls, cleaning and adjusting blowers, evaporators and condenser coils and checking refrigerant charges, fuel lines, gas pressure, burner combustion and more.

Preventative Maintenance 2019 Contract

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Call Hansen Mechanical today for quality HVAC maintenance services throughout the Kansas City area. We will provide a one-time service or schedule you for regular visits throughout the year. We look forward to hearing from you.

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